Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twelve Boy Curry with Ginger Glazed Carrots

12 boy curry with Ginger glazed carrots- I know it sounds odd and not like it would be much of a family favorite, but my kids LOVED it. I am not sure if their favorite part was that there was a ton of different "mix-ins" to try or that the carrots tasted like candy. Honestly, I don't care why they liked it since they ate without complaint!

The Twelve boy curry had nothing to do with 12 of anything or boys of any kind, so I have no idea where the name came from. It consisted of strips of chicken breasts sauteed in butter with garlic,onions and celery. Then a mixture of curry and other spices were added along with beef broth and half and half. I had frozen the chicken at this point and just reheated it in a large saucepan.

I served it on rice with raisins , slivered almonds and oranges. The kids thought it was great to sprinkle in their favorite toppings and stir it into the chicken and rice.

The carrots were extremely fast and easy to make. First, I started by steaming some baby carrots until they were crisp-tender. I mixed melted butter with ground ginger, brown sugar and a bit of garlic. The mixture was poured over the carrots and then I microwaved them for 2 more minutes to finish off the carrots.

I think they came out looking pretty good!

The finished dinner- very colorful and full of flavor. Definitely a keeper recipe!


Anonymous said...

looks YUMMY!!!


Alexandra Vivas said...

The "twelve boy" aspect of the curry had to do (back in the day) with how many servant boys you had. Therefore the more money you had the more servant boys you owned and then how many toppings you could offer your guest. I love this recipe. Theres a neat book series "The Cooking of: India" which explains the history behind it and how to make it according to old indian recipes.

Hope this helps!