Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Freezer Fill-up

This month I did a great freezer fill-up. I am really excited. In fact I have so many meals, that I had to take some to friends house to store! For around $400 I have meals prepped for the entire month of February and about half of March.

First, I went through several cookbooks and picked out meals for the month. Our meal plan looks something like the one below. Several of these meals were made at my batch cooking with friends day as well. I know we will eat out a couple times because my birthday is this month, but this gives a rough idea. Meals for those nights are prepped and ready, so they can just be moved to next month.

1 leftovers
2 Chicken to go
3 Pork scallopine
4 kids meals - mac and dogs
5 Out
6 Chicken and sausage gumbo
7 Adobe chicken
8 Santa fe chicken
9 Gnocchi with turkey ragu
10 Meatball sub casserole
11 Ham and winter veg pot pie
12 Penne in cream sauce with sausage
13 Easy spaghetti sauce
14 Teryaki pork tenderloin
15 Honey Lime Chicken
16 Spicy Korean pork bbq
17 Swiss steak
18 Upside down fettucine bake
19 Orecchiette with Tuna
20 Sicilian meat roll
21 Craig and Debbies easy fixins
22 Indian Chicken
23 Pork roast with apples and mushrooms
24 Red mesa tacos
25 Tilapia filets
26 Corn soup with basil avocado and crab
27 White wine and herb pork tenderloin
28 Sweet mustard grilled pork

Next, I put together a huge grocery list and headed out to the stores. Luckily boneless skinless chicken breast were on sale for only $1.77 which was wonderful since I had to get 17 pounds of them!!! The van was stuffed, but that was nothing compared to my fridge.

What a months worth of meal makings looks like

When I start to put the meals together, I usually start with chicken, then seafood, then pork and beef. I am not sure why, but that always works for me and helps me get the big bulky trays of chicken breast out of the fridge quicker. Most of the recipes have been new for us this month. Honestly, everything has been really good so far. The "Chicken to go" from my Once a Month Cooking book has definitely been a favorite so far. It raced right to the top of my family's make again list.

So, after I shopping day and one day of cooking, I have about 40 meals set to go for my family. Crazy weeknight meals will be less stressful and the temptation to just grab something out should be gone. I will keep you updated on how each of the meals turn out.

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