Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hrm - What to eat this week?

Guess what? We have reached the half way point of summer here in Central Texas! I only wish we were halfway through the heat of it. Summers here tend to linger until October, but the kids go back to school August 22nd and we are all ready.

 It has gotten to hot to go outside for very long without being in the water, so this week I am making up some grilled favorites and poolside treats. Ashley starts Junior Lifeguard this week so we will be spending a couple nights at the pool heckling  supporting her while she learns her new skills.

What are you plans for the week?

Monday - Schezuan chicken with orange peel, brown rice and sesame beans

Tuesday - Beef kabobs with quinoa and grilled corn - great use of the grill and keeping the house cool

Wednesday - Pool Picnic - sandwiches with veggie dips

Thursday - Orange glazed pork tenderloin - another great grill recipe that I am looking forward to trying out. I still need to work out the sides for this one.

Friday - Leftover soup - this is my favorite way to clean out the fridge. The leftover veggies and meat are used to make a great and flavorful soup. It's usually a great light meal for family movie night!

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From Cristin To Mommy said...

orange glazed tenderloin sounds great. do u have recipe and what sides did u have with it?
i know im late commenting but i would love if you visited my blog and checked out my Menu Plan
Have a great weekend!
From Cristin To Mommy