Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something Simple

Today as I prepped the dishes for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast, I realized that sometimes simple really is better. I am working on a meal to really impress the in-laws. Turkey Roulade with Wild mushroom stuffing, corn and wild rice pudding, Sweet potato souffle and chocolate pecan pie with caramel sauce are all on the menu. While I was doing the prep work, my 9 year old daughter was working diligently on her contribution to the meal - Thanksgiving Hats. She learned to make these on Saturday while doing a Girl Scout project. They are simply marshmallows rolled in melted chocolate and placed on chocolate striped cookies. They are the cutest little treats and so easy to make, but WOW are they good. This is our third batch of them since Saturday. I am sure that these little treats will be the crowd pleaser tomorrow. Sometimes, something simple really steals the show.

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