Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kids can cook too!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my 9 year old told me that she thought I had cooked enough so she was going to take over for the night. She decided to make an easy Chicken pot pie from her favorite Paula Dean cookbook. I am not sure what my favorite thing about this pot pie was: used up leftovers, really tasty or not made by me. Any way you look at it, it was a win-win dinner for me! She had a great time making it and didn't balk at eating all the veggies inside. Her siblings were pretty excited to eat something made by her as well. I am realizing more and more that if you let the kids make it, then they will most likely eat it.

Another thing the kids help make was this Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe that a friend sent to me. The little ones had a great time spreading the chocolate chips and pecans in the pie plate while big sister made the caramel sauce (with help from mom). There was no problem getting them to try it! Of course who could turn down a chocolate pecan pie with caramel drizzle?

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