Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adventures in Batch Cooking- The Shopping

Yesterday was the big shopping day for our December batch cooking. This months menu includes :

breakfast burritos - 12

Mexican Lasagna - 2 8*8 pans or one full 10*13

Chicken Tortellini bake - 2 8*8 pans or one full 10*14

Beef and broccoli - 8 servings

Sage and Rosemary stuff Pork Loin - 2 pound roll

Chicken with Black bean salsa - 8 servings

Beef Stroganoff - 8 servings

Sausage muffins - a dozen

Spinach and Mushroom quiche - 1 pie

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf - 1.5 pound roll

The list took quite awhile to compile, but using a spreadsheet program really helped. Honestly, the shopping isn't bad, its the making of the list. If only recipes called for ingredients in the same measurements listed on the packaging. Converting cups of cheese into pounds in the bag and teaspoons into ounces takes some time. One thing I changed this time is that I used the Click and Pull service from our warehouse store. I was able to compile the grocery list online and place my order the day before. They gathered it up and had it ready the next morning. This works great for the frozen and canned items, but they don't pull things like ground beef and chickens with varying weights. My friend Anne came with me to help so that really sped things up. When we arrived at Sam's Club, the click and pull order wasn't ready yet, so we gathered what they wouldn't and then went to Walmart to get the items that didn't need to be in such large quantities. After that I went back to Sam's to pick up the order.

This is the food that was not on the Click n pull list.

The Click n Pull Flatbed

The total came to around $670 so $67 dollars each. Not bad for 10+ meals!
When we got the food back to my house, I divided it up into each persons recipe and those that were cooking ahead of time came to get their ingredients. The rest of the food went on to the host house to be help in the freezer until cook day. Now it is just time to prep so cook day will go smoothly!!

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