Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cranberry Goodness!

After Thanksgiving I was left with several cans of cranberry sauce. I know that normally I would think of using canned cranberry sauce as a sin, but it is pretty good to use as an ingredient in a better sauce. Well, we ended up with some sauce leftover and put it to use.

Cranberry Chicken: the recipe is so simple it is ridiculous.

Mix a can of whole berry cranberry sauce with a packet of onion soup mix and pour it over chicken.

Bake for 40 minutes and your house will smell amazing and it looks like it was a ton of work. We served it with rice, tossed green salad and steamed asparagus. The kids love rice and it gives me a chance to use our rice cooker. We have had it almost a year and it is definitely one of the favorite small appliances in my kitchen. You can set the time that you want the rice done and it will sense the humidity and figure out when to start. The rice is perfect every time!

Our finished dinner! I think it looks almost as good as it tasted.

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