Monday, December 20, 2010

Confession of a non-baker

Its the week of Christmas and everyone is baking like crazy. I have looked through blogs and books of Christmas treats and tried to decide what to try this year. I have lined up all the goodies that we are going to be making for the two upcoming sessions of cookie camp, but what will I be making for my family.

Cookies? Pies? Cakes? Candy? This is always such a hard decision for me because I have a secret.

I AM NOT A BAKER. I don't not enjoy it. Not even a little. Don't get me wrong, I love baked goods and will definitely partake of more than my share of sugar cookies and kissy blossoms this year, but I am not a fan of the process. One of my favorite parts of cooking is the freedom to throw together ingredients and try new methods. Baking doesn't give me that freedom. You have to use measuring cups for goodness sakes! To me measurements are just suggestions and the idea of leveling off a teaspoon of baking powder is just ridiculous. I can't do it.

So there is my problem, I hate the measuring so I guestimate . Guessing is not a good thing in baking so most of my treats are less than stellar. This Christmas I am trying to be better though! After scouring the internet for fool proof recipes, I think I am armed with the motivation to make some yummies for my family this year.

So today's plan is to stifle my creative spirit and whip up some  peanut butter cookies. Its chore to follow the recipe, but I will do it. I won't like it, but I will definitely like the treats :)  Happy Holidays and if you have any ideas on some goodies that don't require a lot of structure, let me know! Please- you might even convert me into a baker.

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Rich said...

Well, I am also a guesstimator, and that means if cookioes get made, they're not getting made by me. No ideas for the cookies, but I'd like to hear how they turn out!