Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giveaway Time- Woo HOO

Several of my awesome blogging friends have had some really rocking giveaways and I have been jealous! One even has some super cool new bumper stickers (Big Fat Gini) that I KNOW she is going to share with me! So to combine the season of giving and my desire for validation and knowledge that someone is actually reading this- I am having our first ever It Happens at Dinner giveaway.

Check out this totally awesome tote

This Menus, Meals and More canvas tote is the perfect size for shopping or carrying home some of those tasty batch party dishes. You know you want one!

So know you are probably asking - how do I enter to get this totally awesome tote?? There are actually several ways that you can enter and you can actually enter multiple times!! Woo-hoo

Entry 1- leave a comment with your favorite holiday dish
Entry 2- become a follower on the blog and at Menus, Meals and More Facebook Page then leave another comment saying you have
Entry 3- Invite your friends to the blog and facebook page and have them leave a comment with your name saying that you referred them

The contest will end Monday December 6th at 9pm. A randomly chosen winner will be announced Tuesday the 7th!


Hollis said...

My favorite holiday dish is homemade noodles. My Memaw taught my dad to make them her last Christmas so that we could continue to have them. He has been making them every Thanksgiving and Christmas for 20 years. I am trying to learn how to make them as well so that I will be able to continue the tradition of having them.

Maria said...

My favorite holiday dish is Gallina. In English it's literal translation is Hen. It is a Nicaraguan traditional dish eaten on Christmas Eve. The stuffing is made from chopped up pork, baby corn, raisins, prunes, cut up pickled veggies, ketcup and mustard. You cook in a hen like you would a turkey.

Rebecca said...

My favorite dish? Hmmm...does the perfect bite of turkey, egg noodles and mashed potatoes count as a 'dish'?


Well then, I would have to say the egg noodles. It's just not a holiday feast (Thanksgiving OR Christmas) without them.

Leslea said...

Home made cornbread dressing and rum cake!

Clarissa Garcia Nobles said...

my favorite holiday dish is my aunt's ham with pineapple and cherries :) a super close second is the sweet potatoes with marshmallows :)