Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eat for a Cause!

I love eating for any reason, but eating for a cause makes me feel extra warm and fuzzy inside. Tomorrow the local Schlotzsky's on South College Ave is donating a portion of the profits to our local Early Childhood Intervention Program.

ECI is great program that is drastically underfunded (what great program isn't) and could really use some help. For those that don't know, ECI is a statewide program for families with children, birth to three, with disabilities and developmental delays. They provide speech, physical, occupational and other types of therapy until the child is old enough to transition into the local school district. They come to your home our the child day care facility and work with them.

It is really a great program and Schlotzsky's has really yummy food so its a great combo! Maybe I will see some of you there for lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I totally went!!! I'd never been to Schlotsky's before... It was good!