Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gadget Tuesday: Oster Digital Griddle

Well technically this griddle isn't mine, it is my husbands. He is the official family breakfast maker on the weekends and he received this as a gift for Christmas.  He gave me his old griddle to use for Menus, Meal and More endeavors, but I have been known to sneak his griddle out when he is at work.

Ok, I am sure you are thinking "An electric griddle is an electric griddle. Why is this one so special?" Well this one is different from  so many of our previous griddles because it is AWESOME.  The main reasons are the heating element, removeable cook surface and  digital thermostat.

The heating element in our earliers griddles was always a large plug in the side that would connect to a conductive ring that went around the perimeter. The Oster Digital Griddle  actual starts to heat from the center and then snakes around the bottom of the griddle plate. The heat is much more even and you don't end up with one burned pancake and a raw one on the other end of the cook surface.

Speaking of the cook surface- it comes off and is dishwasher safe!!!!! The nonstick surface is very easy to just wipe clean, but if you make a big mess it can be popped in the dishwasher. It is a very roomy 10*20 surface so there is alot of room for pancakes for a crowd! Removing the cook plate makes the rest of the appliance easily assessible for cleaning.

Now for my favorite part, the digital thermostat. You can just set the temperature you would like to cook at and the griddle will beep to let you know when it is ready.  We double check our with an infared thermometer and itis always right on target.

You may be asking yourself- "Where do I get one of these awesome griddles?" I purchased ours at Bed Bath and Beyond. I would definitely recommend checking it out the next time you are in the market for a griddle!



Big Fat Gini said...

I want a griddle so bad. Maybe it'll be my Christmas gift to myself. :OP

Krista said...

now I have been ignoring this post all day because I wasn't sure what a digital oyster griddle was but I was pretty sure I didn't need one.

joke's on me because I DESPERATELY need an electric PANCAKE griddle. and thank you for the recommendation. I may be getting one, right after I score a deep freezer.

Elizabeth said...

Krista- we use ours for pancakes and making eggs and sausage patties for english muffin sandwiches. If you have a larger family than it is a definite time saver!