Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gadget Tuesday : The Silpat

This weeks featured gadget is the Silpat. Yes, I realize that it isn't really gadget, but it is definitely one thing that I couldn't cook without. Silpats are a wonderful silicone baking sheets that fit in your cookie sheets to prevent sticking, distribute heat evenly and protect your pans. I LOVE mine. I have 2 that I have been using for over 6 years and then 2 more that are a more recent purchase. They are great for making sticky candy, because it will just peel right off.

Ok, honestly the best thing about Silpats is that they protect the bottom of your cookies from burning. I was the queen of burnt bottom, raw topped cookies until I got my first one. Now I make great baked goods all -well most- of the time!

Another fantastic product by this company is the RoulPat. It is a really large version of the Silpat with a cool grippy backing on it. It is used as a counter cover for rolling out doughs, pastries, breads, etc. I use this every time I make scones. It is a definite must have if you do a lot of baking. Check out the website! http://silpat.com/products.html  You can thank me later... or better yet send me your baked goods!!


Big Fat Gini said...

I really, really need one of those!

Elizabeth said...

Yes you do Gini!!! They are awesome!