Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gadget Tuesday: Tiger Rice Cooker

I know I have talked about this rice steamer before, but I can not stress enough how much I LOVE our Tiger Rice cooker.

We bought this machine before my husbands birthday 18 months ago. We were having a "Roll Your Own Sushi" party and it managed to keep up and help us make enough rice for 50 people. The rice was perfect and the cooker earned a place in my heart that night!

This rice cooker has all the features that a busy family could ask for. The timer function is wonderful on this machine. It is not set up for the time you want it to start, but instead for the time you want your rice done! This as a major bonus for me because all that math would cause a huge amount of user error on my part. Seriously you just tell this thing what type of rice you have in it and when you want it done and it calculates the cooking time and comes on when it needs to. It even factors in the current level of humidity in! The rice comes out perfectly every time.

We have used it for sushi rice, long grain steamed rice, brown rice, and the weird porridge that the lady at the Chinese grocery said would make my large American backside become skinny. The porridge didn't work, but it tasted great and it was nice to have breakfast hot and ready when I got up that morning.

The price tag is a bit steep and I will admit I had a bit of sticker stock when we got it, but I have probably never been happier with a purchase like this. They have come down quite a bit and I will say that at $120 it is really worth every cent. Check it out! Tiger Rice Cooker

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