Friday, February 11, 2011

Derailed!! And my thoughts on Iron Chef

Everything has totally been derailed this week. This time it wasn't by the weather so much as a tiny little bug, or more exactly a germ. We have the flu!!! Do you know what you cook when you have the flu? NOTHING.  Ugh. I hate being sick. Ok I know that everyone hates being sick, but really I don't handle it well. I have way too much to do to hang out in bed and wait for the next hot flash or wave of chills. Of course, I do have to say that the codeine in the cough medicine is kind of cool and taking me back to my college days.

Anyway, I have been stuck in the bedroom to try to keep the cooties to myself and watching DVR'd episodes of Iron Chef. After watching several episodes in a row I am starting to realize a few things.

1.  Alton Brown is awesome on Good Eats, but make me crazy on Iron Chef. One more pun and I might rip the flat screen of the wall.

2. I have no idea what an immersion circulator does. It looks cool though and I totally want one.

3. Offal is awful. It would be just my luck to get asked to be a judge and have the secret ingredient be entrails. Seriously- who come up with these secret ingredients?

4. The time announcer lady seems to get a bit more smug as the time gets closer to running out.

5. Who decided Mo Rocca is qualified to judge fine cuisine? I will respect the opinion of a food critic, chef or someone in the industry, but really Mo Rocca??? WTF???

6. Jeffey Steingarten is so cranky because his heart is clogged with foie gras and truffle oil.  A good cleanse might help his attitude and outlook on life.

7. These dishes are totally not practical for a family cook. My 4 year old will not appreciate the attention to detail that goes into making Black Truffle Gnocchi with Gruyere and micro greens

8. Bobby Flay is a sore loser. You can see his eyes flare and freckles turn red each time a dish is criticized by a judge. I keep waiting for his hair to burst into flames or for him to punch the chairman in the throat for announcing the challenger as the winner.

So anyway, those are my food insites for today. Stay tuned for what another day of isolation and medications will bring!


Carolyn said...

Mario Batali is also kind of an asshole sore loser. And my parents went to his restaurant in Vegas and said it was one of the worst meals they've ever eaten. I realize it's not like he cooked it personally, but he really needs to keep an eye on the quality control if he's going to put his name on that crap and then get so pissy when he gets criticized on Iron Chef.

Hollis said...

Had to laugh to your codeine induced post :)

Brandie@thecountrycook said...

Flu bug has totally hit here too - stomach flu - agggghhh. Hope you are on the mend soon - haven't lost your sense of :)

Krista said...

I hope you feel better soon, although you are hysterical! I slept most of last weekend, which unfortunately means I have used all my sick days for the year. Sitting in my room alone while life goes on without me for a few days sounds glorious, and impossible.

Also, I agree with every one of your points. Couldn't have said it better myself. The end.

veggietestkitchen said...

For some reason when I read the title of the post I was so excited after Wednesday's Top Chef and I wanted to talk all about how I thought Fabio should have stayed, then I realized you were talking about Iron Chef!! Have you watched Top Chef? It's so awesome, you should check it out. It's like Iron Chef but with personality!

Kate @ said...

Great post! Thank you for the laughs! :)

Get well soon! Sending you 'virtual chicken noodle soup'!

FitMamaEats said...

You are so funny! But all so true...heehee