Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 7- It Just Ain't happening

The flu is kicking our butts over here. I had an awesome plan all set out for the week. Monday,  I was supposed to have 7 meals ready for a new client and I was going to make doubles for us for part of our week of meals. I do still have a few tentative plans so we will see what happens.

My big romantic plan for Monday night is Lobster Mac and Cheese followed by a nice shot of codeine cough medicine and a Tamiflu.

Tuesday's plan is out with family and friends for my birthday.  Maybe this will happen? I doubt it since my oldest daughter is now starting to feel bad. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like sharing the plague with friends.

Wednesday is going to have to be something quick. Either we will be healthy and almost recovered and running out the door to try to catch up on cookie sales or we will still be wallowing in our own misery.

Well, thats all I got. Cooties are kicking us in the teeth this week. It may end up being a can of chicken noodle type of week afterall.


Brandie@thecountrycook said...

We have had the stomach bug bad in our house. I mean - BAD. So I completely sympathize. Hope everyone is on the mend soon!

Kate @ said...

Stay in and drink plenty of fluids! Hope you feel better soon!!