Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review of a local baker- AllyCakes Bakery

Listen up B/CS folks. Cupcakes are now all the rage and so is buying local. Combine the 2 for the best of both worlds and you have AllyCakes Bakery.  This weekend I had the pleasure of having two parties with AllyCakes amazing cupcakes. The first was my husband's birthday party where we had the Lotsa chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate buttercream icing and the Lemon Cello with lemony cream cheese icing. All I can say about these cupcakes is that they were WONDERFUL. My husband said that they were the best cupcakes he had ever had. Not only do they taste great, but they are cute too!

This was my husband's birthday cupcake. They normally don't have the giant numbers on them :)

The next day I hosted a shower for a friend, so Ally set us up with a mix of sugar free Dr Pepper, sugar free Lotsa Chocolate and some Vanilla"oh my" cupcakes. She even let me borrow this cute cupcake tree and stand.

Ally makes a variety of sugar free and gluten-free cupcakes along with traditional favorites that are sure to please. Check out her website AllyCakes . I know I am looking forward to my next order!

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