Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 3 Ideas and Running from the Cookie Girl

This is the time of year that my life gets turned upside down. After a couple of weeks in New Years Resolution healthy mode, I get derailed by my husbands birthday. Normally, this would just be a minor bump on the road except that it is followed immediately by most torturous time of the year- Girl Scout Cookie time.

That's right, on Wednesday prepare yourself for the throngs of little girls that will be out selling the most tempting diet wrecking cookies ever. While most of you can avoid this time by just locking your doors and averting your eyes as you run past the little peddlers outside the local megamart, I don't get this choice. I live with a cookie dealer. Oh and what a dealer she is! My daughter has very high ambitions when it comes to her cookie sales and tend to relentless in her drive to get them sold. Last year she sold 1146 boxes of cookies. That is a freaking insane amount of cookies and she is hoping to do it again.

Really, how can anyone say no to this face?

While I can personally try to dodge the cases upon cases of Thin Mints taunting me in my home, I do have to take her out to sell them. This means tons of crazy evenings full of quick dinners, homework then driving my little peddler out to various parts of town that may not have been hit up yet by the little girls in brown or green. Add in that this is the time of year with the worst weather in our part of Texas and you will understand my pain.

Anyway, in an effort to help our nights go quickly and smoothly, I will be making a bunch of quick fix and crockpot meals. Easy cleanup will be very important so that we can get out the door to start hocking the cookies as fast a possible. So this is how I am hoping our week will shape up:

Sunday - clean out the fridge and leftovers night- because every family has to have one of these.
Monday - Moroccan Lamb with rosemary potatoes and lemony asparagus
Tuesday - Bolivian spiced pork chops and lentils
Wednesday - French Dip sandwiches with sweet potato wedges and white bean salad
Thursday - Sweet and sour chicken with brown rice and steamed broccoli
Friday - Korean pork bbq with sweet black soy beans and seasoned spinach
Saturday -  in laws are coming for another celebration of the birth of my sweet husband- Who knows what we will eat.

So yeah, that is how my week will hopefully shape up. It looks healthy and should be quick enough to put together that we can be in and out in a hurry.

Oh and if your craving some peanut butter patties, I totally can hook you up.

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